Brief MLP: Alejandro Kirk Back | Marines love Adam Fraser

Brief MLP: Alejandro Kirk Back |  Marines love Adam Fraser

Alejandro Kirk again

Danny Johnson takes the path to the injured list.

The Dodgers are optimistic about Kenley Johnson

Despite three sabotages in a row, The Closer The right-hand man of his family in the Dodgers.

Talks about Dodgers and stock Closer, Ian Kennedy is in the Dodgers view.

The Giants have Cody Bellinger’s number

He is 0-for-27 against them this year.

Marines love Adam Fraser

They have been wanting an infielder with control for years.

Flowers for Marcus Stroman

His teammates say he could be # 1 elsewhere.

The Mets are also among the teams that have made the biggest leap in their chances of making the playoffs this week.

Eric Sogart D.F.A.

It was a decision for him in Chicago.

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