Alex Lynn takes the first pole in London

Alex Lynn s

Rain was called during the last training session of the first London e-Brix and it was still wet at the start of qualifying for the round via the Excel London Center. Due to the improvement of the road conditions in the columns, there is no hope that the drivers of the first group will qualify for the super pole. Only Eto’o Mortara was in the race, but the Venturi driver was eliminated by the third group of drivers.

At the end of FP2, Max Gunther made a mistake on the last field and was due to exit the red flag. After the elimination of BMW Andrei, Andre Lotter took the best time of the session (1’23 “900) over Alex Lynn and Jack Tennyson. Have won tickets.

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Departing first, NATO set a super polar time of 1’23.9 seconds, which was one-tenth by Set Semara and two-tenths by Bumi. In the following passes, tennis improved (1 ’23 “5) and then Lin did even better: 1’23” 245 and a record on the second field.

The holder of the fastest time returned to the lottery after all four groups had passed. But the Force driver Alex Lynn could not improve the brand, which gave the 2017 New York e-Brix 1 its first pole to the UK! The first line is 100% English too as Jack Tennis is in second place.

Sam Byrd, head of the general classification, starts only 18th from the starting point. Antonio Felix da Costa And Bird Dolphins Robin Fridges start 17th and 22nd, respectively, at the championship. Finally, made up of the last line Jean-Eric Vergne, Who made a mistake in his lap, and Max Gunder who did not set the time. The launch of the first London e-Brix will take place at 4 p.m.

United Kingdom London e-Brix 2021 – Qualifications

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