The importance of investing in science and technology

The importance of investing in science and technology

Winning stories always inspires those who follow them. A 20-year-old girl from Lovanda in the northwest of the state is paving the way for her biggest dream to come true: an astronaut. This is Andresa Ojeda, a fan of cartoons and video games. He has lived in Florida, USA for three years and is studying aerospace engineering at the American University Embry-Riddle.

It is a shame that she has to leave the country to chase her dreams. In the case of Andresa, the lack of investments in science and technology makes Brazil look at its young talents every year, looking for opportunities in technology centers around the world.

It is worth remembering that in the 1970s Brazil had superior technology than China and other countries. After decades of outdated policies and a teaching model that does not include young people in the field of technology, the country is passively watching the changes of the digital age without any era.

In the field of information technology, IT, the blackout is chronic: there are vacancies, but there is a shortage of qualified labor. The Brazilian Association of Information Technology Companies (BRASCOM) reveals that by 2024 it will have hired about 420,000 professionals. Annually, it trains 46,000 people in Brazil with technical profiles relevant to the IT sector. However, Broscom’s plan indicates that the vacancies will require about 70,000 professionals a year to fully occupy.

Due to the complexity of the field of technology, we often do not realize the importance of these specialists in our daily lives: in making vaccines, in transmitting data by cell phone, in life-saving hospital equipment. We have reached a point where everything in the digital world seems to be on two legs, and staying away from this trend is like missing the tram of history.

It is very important for the country that development policies through science and technology are listed as priorities so that in the future, we can retain our Andresa here with the training of our own astronauts.

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