The Buccaneers received their ring

The Buccaneers received their ring

After visiting the White House on Tuesday, the dominating champions continue to celebrate their victory. The last event dated yesterday, one that everyone has been waiting for, is the handing over of the ring. We can at least say that the result is spectacular! Even a regular, Tom Brady can’t believe it.

“It’s not so much the rings, it’s the trophies you wear in your trophy,” Brady said in a video released by the Buccaneers. “This is the most incredible ring ever created.”

Huge, it has a total of 319 diamonds, reminiscent of a winning score (31-9). The owner logo and the winning 2 Lombardy trophies stand proudly in the center. On the left, 9 diamonds represent the 9 points collected. On the right, 8 emerald-cut diamonds correspond to 8 consecutive wins until the final win, which is the longest streak in licensing history.

Every piece of jewelry is different. The side parts are customized with the name and number of each player, decorated with team magic (one team, one reason) and the Super Bowl LIV logo 4 diamonds, which is the number of division champions defeated during the playoff campaign. For the first time in NFL history, the top of the ring is unbuttoned, revealing a Raymond James Stadium-sized model. The symbol and score of each defeated enemy are engraved above each position and indicate where the players exit the tunnel to set foot on a diamond pitch on the field. Finally, the inscription “HISTORIC” is engraved on the back of the removable area, as well as the date of the meeting. He recalled that this team won a title on their field for the first time in history.

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