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Six inmates escaped from the Valpara சிறையில்so prison this Friday.

According to information provided by Radio Pio Pio de Valparazzo, these people escaped from prison after violating security measures.

Gendarmería is gathering more information and has already confirmed the summary of this fact.

Police and Gendermary patrols make moves to locate prisoners in the upper part of Valparaiso.

Jose Miguel Cutres | R.P.B.

Escape mechanics

Through a statement, the company confirmed an executive summary and noted the dynamics of events.

According to the document, at 07:00 hrs, an official of the La Belvora Education and Work Center (CET), along with users of the same section, arrived at the maneuver yard of the block mix to serve bread. To prisoners.

At that time they were approached by six prisoners, one of whom is said to have been shot. These people threatened the gender, forced him to open the entrance to the courtyard, and then escaped.

This was reported to the Ministry of Public Works and the police, who are taking their respective steps to locate the detainees, the report concludes.