Russia | Another independent media outlet declared him a “foreign agent.”

Russia |  Another independent media outlet declared him a "foreign agent."

(Moscow) Russian news site Insider, Especially in the wake of several revelations in the Russian secret services that are collaborating with an investigative team called Bellingad, which was declared a “foreign agent” on Friday, which could greatly hinder its operation.

According to the Ministry of Justice, Insider Included in the list of “foreign agents” because the organization is registered in Latvia.

Financial strangulation

In April and May, two popular Russian media – Jellyfish And Vtimes – Already declared as foreign agents, reduced their advertising revenue and closed it a few weeks later Vtimes.

Many media journalists Project, The items, which were declared “undesirable” last week and banned by authorities, were added to the list of foreign agents published on the Ministry of Justice’s website on Friday.

Insider Founded in 2013 by 37-year-old political activist Roman Toprokodov, he specifically led the opposition movement “us” in his youth.

Scoops on Kremlin poisoning

The site released a number of investigations carried out in conjunction with the investigation site Bellingad, which led to information about the poisoning of former twin agent Sergei Skribal in 2018 and the poisoning of Alexei Navalny in August 2020, as well as the assassination in Berlin. Georgian of Chechen descent, accusing Russian authorities every time.

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FounderInside, Roman Tobrokodov, brought a guitar and sang during a demonstration in Moscow on August 13, 2009, defending the right to assembly guaranteed by the Russian Constitution. He was captured by police.

“Editorial staff will continue to work with their current organization and maintain editorial policy,” Insider said in a statement.

Insider “It will act as it did,” he assured the opposition media MBKh Roman Tobrokotov, who said the site was located in Latvia and did not have an office in Russia, said, “Not all of these crazy laws apply. Insider.

In Russia, companies or individuals “foreign agents” are required by law of 2012 to register with the authorities and perform rigorous administrative procedures and to clearly state this position in their publications.

Russia has been accused of restricting all forms of freedom of expression on television since Vladimir Putin came to power in 2000, but the online media has long been relatively independent.

However, as the number of their readers has increased, especially among the younger generation, they too have been targeted and have experienced a screw-up from the authorities since the beginning of this year, which coincides with the return of rival Alexei to Russia. From prison.

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