Olympic Games: US vs France | NBA

Olympic Games: US vs France |  NBA

On Saturday, Devin Booker, Chris Middleton and Juro Holiday will land in Tokyo, and according to ESPN, they are dressed to face France the next day (2pm in France).

Time is tight, but Greg Popovich has more or less confirmed their presence, admitting that he does not know how to integrate them, the rest of the team has been working since July 6, with inevitable consequences. Jet lag, but exhaustion and post-final setback.

“I don’t know how to use them. I was not trying to be active. I try to be transparent ”, The coach justified himself. “Maybe they’re right for Sunday’s game and after two days they will realize the consequences. Maybe we’ll play with them in the first half and see how they look.”

Logistics Page, ESPN announces The three finalists will leave Seattle this Friday to join Team USA special adviser Jeff van Kundi on board various American sports organizations.

Note that Devin Booker is already there and he will be joined during the day by his two executioners who were on the streets of Milwaukee on Thursday for a traditional parade celebrating the title.

Flight time from Seattle to Tokyo is 10 hours, 16 hours from the west coast of the United States.

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