Cameron Artis-Payne: From NFL to Alutes

Cameron Artis-Payne: From NFL to Alutes

Running American Back Cameron Artis-Payne wore the Carolina Panthers colors for four seasons in the NFL, and now at the age of 31, he finds himself in the Montreal Alutes camp.

When asked what he knew about the Canadian Football League before accepting the Alutez offer last February, he replied “certainly nothing” on Thursday.

“There are different rules, but it’s still football,” said Artis-Payne, who competes with William Stanbach for the main running position at the Montreal Club.

So far, the Pennsylvania athlete has said he is satisfied with the way his training camp went. Head coach Gary Jones.

“I love what I see,” Jones said. He is an intelligent player, he defends the ball well. This guy is an NFL player. Had a career in, and with his background sees things that others do not do, such as certain blocks and some breaches in security. He shows a lot of patience. ”

Artis-Payne may be familiar with three-a-side football. That being said, Stanbach still seems to be Alutus’ most trusted man today.

A shock to take

Speaking of his NFL experience, Artis-Payne played a total of 32 regular season games and scored five touchdowns with the Carolina list from 2015 to 2018. He was in uniform against the Seahawks on January 17, 2016, leading the team to the 50th Super Bowl against the Denver Broncos when the Panthers began.

On August 30, 2019, the American was finally released by the Panthers in the last cuts before the season.

“It was a shock,” Artis-Payne said. However, I was informed that I was on the team. “

In 2020, the Dallas Renegades wore colors in the now defunct XFL, hitting 241 quick yards in five games. He will now try to find his place with the Alots.

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