Warns tourists: – Be prepared

Warns tourists: - Be prepared

Low pressure from the Norwegian Sea will lead to strong winds on Wednesday in Westford, a coastal area between Lofotan and Salton in the Norland.

There are a lot of tourists and mountaineers in the area, the meteorologist warns.

– If you are planning a trip to the area today, you should be prepared for strong winds, ” meteorologist Martin Granerrod tells TV2.

The wind is coming from the southwest and there is a strong wind at a speed of 20 meters per second. It will hit the beach and the mountains.

– You definitely know the strength of this wind if you are hiking. If there had been a strong wind in southern Norway, there would not have been so many boats at sea to speak of.

– The inhabitants of this area are very accustomed to the weather, but at the same time there are now plenty of tourists there, and these must be prepared.

20 meters per second

The wind will gradually subside during the day and evening, but a light glow tonight. With it, there is a mass of cold air that gives 8 to 12 degrees in the air.

– The wind comes mainly from the area around Westford, but they are smaller today on the beaches at Troms and Finmark.

Except for the wind in the Northland, a lot of rain is expected. Stormgio said the storm could receive 50-60 millimeters of rain.

Now the meteorologist says about the weather picture shared in Norway.

– You have a storm in northern Norway, and then in many places south of Trondheimsfjord it is very nice summer weather.

Ostafjels temperature is about 25 degrees, but with a chance of 27-28 degrees. Otherwise the degree in southern Norway shows about 20 degrees.

Let’s go back

Forecasts for next week show that a change may be taking place.

– It is still early, but forecasts suggest that it may rain in southern Norway and that there may be better weather in the north.

Puyalgio’s forecast also shows more promising prospects for northern Norway. From Sunday, high pressure in the Northland south of Lofoten is expected to bring good weather, and temperatures are expected to hover above 20 degrees.

As for southern Norway, the forecast shows that it will be nice and warm weather with sunset winds on the coast this weekend. In the afternoon the temperature reaches 25-30 degrees. The exception is Friday, with a few more cloudy weather expected in Trentelock and Mere and Romstall, and a little rain north of Trentelock. Here, temperatures of 15-20 degrees are expected.

Local night frost

Yesterday was the hottest in the drum with 27.5 degrees. Oslo had 25.6, showing Stromgio’s outlook.

It was very cold in the Troms, reaching only 8 degrees during the day.

There was local night frost in northern Norway, mountains and northern valleys last night. Foldal and Pilfgel were cold with -2 degrees, while Crotley had minus 1 degree.

The heaviest rainfall in the last 24 hours came in Finmark, and especially in Nuswak in Lopa municipality. There it fell 55.4 millimeters.

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