Tyler is destroyed by Hero Dwayne Wade … and the heat fans

Le jeune joueur du Miami Heat, Tyler Herro, fait grise mine lors d’un match NBA

Tyler Hero has been a huge disappointment this season, failing to cross the long-awaited milestone after his best player season… and to make matters worse with the hot fans, he openly crushed the Dwayne hunt on the thorn issue!

If there’s one player in Miami who needs to have a lower profile now, it’s that Tyler Hero ! After a promising rookie season and an unexpected burst of bubbles, all the beautiful things shown on the back had to be confirmed… especially the heat heads James Horton refused to include him in the potential trade !

Unfortunately for him, and for the owner who saw the most disappointing results, Hero has dropped this season. His 3-point and free-throw percentage dropped, and in the first round of the playoffs against the Bucks, he failed to break even the index 10-point average bar.

And Future Dad His case is far from over in recent hours … He was called by his right to meet young people in Miami and answer their questions, and the back has made a big mistake. In fact, when talking about the history of heat, Dwayne had the bad idea of ​​hunting! An insult that is not equal in Florida …

Question: Who do you think is the best heat player in history?

Tyler Hero: I have to say LeBron James… I could have even said D-Wade, but I grew up with LeBron being my favorite player.

Tyler Hero may have said Dwayne Wade Code in Miami… but he wanted to quote LeBron James ! A decision that did not please the most passionate heat fans, for whom No. 3 is untouchable. Moreover, they did not hesitate to express their dissatisfaction on social media… Hero is far from settling his case

Pat Riley is going to trade Hero by tonight.

According to Tyler Hero, LeBron James Dwayne will be on top of history in the history of the game. So he did not know the crazy epic of 2006 …

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