There is no health pass at L’Eagle Cinema, which avoids reducing its room to 49 seats.

Le cinéma avait retrouvé son public depuis la reprise
Cinema has found its audience since its inception
Cinema has found its audience since its inception (© Le Raville Normand)

“We don’t have the human resources to control the health pass,” declares manager Edward Ponnin Cinema From Eagle (Arne).

By his side, Valentine Juan, there are only two of them to run the same hall in town. So rather than controlling them one by one Health Pass At the entrance, the decision to reduce the room 49 seats Looks like not a brain.

By the time we check everyone’s pass, you can be sure that the film starts 1 hour late

Edward PonninManager of L’Aiglon

Since the bass is not mandatory, the actions used in the room are well known. The mask is mandatory, except for children under 11, the distance to be respected, i.e. the spacious seat.

This new range allows little for the audience Who should support online bookings. “At the entrance we will take the first 49 and make the sale before the next session.”

By the time the cinema has recorded interesting figures since the beginning of July, there has been this drastic decline in the number of seats. The day before the restrictions went into effect, L’Iglon made 224 additions to watch the ninth installment of the American blockbuster Fast and furious. On Wednesday, July 21, Alexandre Aster’s film Camelot coincided with a much-anticipated release.

Unavoidable health for a long time?

Reducing the room to 49 seats is one way to avoid a health pass. Many cinemas in France have chosen to use this rule. It remains to be seen how long this move will last. For Edward Ponnin, there is no doubt that the Health Pass will become an obligation in the future. So the cinema needs to find tips for carrying out the necessary experiments. If the PCR test is not done before 48 hours, unknown individuals will no longer have access to dark rooms. But in practice the manager wonders “who is going to do this to go to the cinema”.

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