The Spanish city is offering free housing and jobs to families, here’s why | Exercise to increase population: Spanish city dwellers get free housing and jobs, only 138 live here

आबादी बढ़ाने की कवायद: Spanish Town में बसने वालों को मिलेगा मुफ्त घर और नौकरी, यहां रहते हैं केवल 138 लोग

Madrid: A Spanish city offers a free life with a job. In fact, the population of this city is constantly declining. Therefore, the local administration has developed a unique program to resettle the people here. No jobs and free accommodation are provided. So far many people have applied to avail this special offer.

Try to impress people

According to the Mirror, the administration of the city of Palladar de Aragon in Grigos, east of the capital Madrid, is concerned about the declining population. Currently, only 138 people live here. Once upon a time this city was as bustling as other cities, but gradually people moved from here to the big cities. Now the administration wants everything to be the same as before, so plans are being made to motivate the people.


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Only these families will benefit

An advertisement has been issued by the local administration in this regard. It said free arrangements with work would be made for residents of Baladar de Aragon. However, this free arrangement is not for life, but for the initial three months. After this the house will be available for a very low rent. Also, the benefit of this offer is only available to those who have children, and they are willing to teach their children at the local school.

Only 9 children in the local school

The city school currently has only 9 children. Deputy Mayor Ernesto Augusti wants to have enough children so that the school does not have to close in the future. Ernesto said he expects to receive applications from Spain, but people across Latin America, Croatia and Romania have also expressed a desire to settle here.

A similar offer was made in Italy

The deputy mayor said about 3,000 people have applied so far. Orders have also been issued to repair the city’s hostels so that people do not have any problem adjusting according to the application. It is noteworthy that a similar plan was put forward by the Sicilian Town administration of Italy earlier this year. Under the scheme, 900 vacant houses were provided for one euro each.

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