Slots myths – debunked!

At an online casino, Slots are undeniably popular because they require little skill and the results are purely random, determined by the technology that works tirelessly behind the scenes on your chosen casino site.

You can play video Slots online and be confident in the fact that you’ll have a great time, sinking your teeth into the variety of slot games that are on offer and possibly even walking away with some cash prizes. However, because of the various myths that circulate in the online Slots world, you might have your doubts about the fairness and integrity of the game and not quite know what or who to believe. Fear not, as the truth will be revealed in this article and we will strive to debunk all of those Slots myths that you might have heard.

Slot games are rigged

As we’ve previously mentioned, slot games are completely random, and you can’t hone your skills because there are practically none required, which means that experienced players and beginners alike can play and win. However, because of the random nature of the game, your wins and losses are purely down to luck and as a result, casino sites have been accused of rigging games in their favour. Sure, we’re all a bit bitter when we lose, but there’s no need to question the integrity of online casino sites as a result!

Slot games are not rigged, in fact, they incorporate elaborate technology that ensures that you receive a fair gaming experience. This tech is known as a random number generator (RNG) and as the name would suggest, it is responsible for providing a completely random outcome in each slot game that you play. Since there are no humans involved in this process, there is no way for the online site to influence the outcome of your game, so you can rest easy and know that should you win or lose, the only one that you can blame is Lady Luck!

Online Slots rarely pay out

Another common myth is that slot games rarely pay out, but if this was the case, why do they continue to prove to be the most popular games amongst players at online casino sites? The average rate that slot games pay out to players is actually no secret at all, since all slot games are required to display their return to player (RTP) percentage in their pay-tables and information sections. This percentage will vary from game to game, so if you’re a savvy player, it’s worth checking these pay-tables before you play, to know what to expect from your chosen slot game and understand your odds of winning.

However, you shouldn’t base your choice of game purely on the its RTP, as this will not dictate your enjoyment of the game itself. You can use this as a secondary factor to influence your choices, and try to play games that suit your playing style with themes that match your interests, to ensure that you get the most out of your gameplay and have a fun experience.

New games are better than the oldies

Well, arguably this myth is subjective, since your personal preference will play a big part in the games that you enjoy and find ‘better’ than others. However, the odds of winning don’t tend to be higher just because a game is newer, but as ever, make sure to consult those RTP percentages so that you’re in the know about the game’s pay-out potential. There’s a time and place for both a classic slot and a modern video slot, it just depends what mood you’re in and what features appeal to you!

If you’re wanting a traditional game with an eclectic feel and some familiar symbols on the reels, then you’re going to love playing on a classic fruit-machine style game. However, if you’re into all things trendy and new, and want to sample the latest features and bonuses, then a new, themed video slot might appeal. The choice is yours, so make it count!

Gambling can be addictive, please play responsibly.

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