New level for Formula E London monopoly

New level for Formula E London monopoly

The Formula E Electric Single Seat Championship returns to British soil for the first time since the summer of 2016!

Two rounds of the e-Brix, scheduled for July 24 and 25 in London, will take place in the new roundabout, part of which will be “internal”

During the 2014-2015 and 2015-2016 seasons, the all-electric Formula E Championship single-seater competed in the 83-hectare lush green ‘Pottersea Park’ alley on the south bank of the Thames.

Races at the end of this season, which consecrated Brazilian driver Nelson Pickett Jr. in 2015, followed by Swiss driver Sebastian Bumi in 2016.

As always from the beginning of the discipline, both single seats were fitted with Michelin tires.

But, cars have been evolving since 2014. At the 2018-2019 Championships “General 2”, the most powerful and efficient single seats were born, which are now in the hands of the pilots.

Over time, tires have caused a small revolution, as the Michelin Pilot Sport EV used in Formula E today is not only lighter (9 kg for a train with four tires compared to the first generation) More efficient, while providing lower rolling resistance (-16%), The key element to autonomy!

A part “inner” circle

The typography of the lane where drivers face each other in two London races is undoubtedly the novelty of the weekend. With a length of 2,252 meters for 22 turns, this new British circuit is drawn in London Excel.

It is an exhibition center and sports complex, built in 2000 in the Newham District, on the banks of the Thames, on the former docks of Royal Victoria. During the 2012 Summer Olympics, the venue was a scene of wrestling, boxing, fencing, weightlifting and table tennis. This weekend, it hosts the first ever motor racing event, with a portion of the lane – about 25% of the track – located indoors. This is also the first for the championship !!!


Jerome Montain, Michelin manager at Formula E, says:

“Since 2014, we have often encountered many different and unusual places with this discipline. From the vicinity of the Olympic Stadium in Beijing, through the streets of Miami to the center of Paris or the historic Berlin Airport, we encountered numerous urban configurations. As for the weather, we made a big difference with record temperatures in Chile or near zero in the early morning in Marrakesh. All this with the same tire! No world-class discipline can boast of such performance.»

Furthermore, he continues:

“In London, in a roundabout way, we will find the interior, and we know nothing about the grip of a site covered with glue. And temperature changes are inevitable problems, but the Michelin Pilot Sport EV has always proven to be adaptable. “

And the technician concludes:

“After Shake Down and Free Training Session No.1, we look forward to getting the first feedback from drivers! “

After two races in New York, Formula E once again fell into a state of ignorance, with a new round, with teams often on several occasions, with a new round, not much for the teams. Information.

However, London will not be the last city to be frequented by this championship, which was in Seasons 1 and 2.

Formula E 2020 Berlin – DS from Antonio Felix de Costa and Jean Eric Verkne. Dechita

Like last year, its Epilogue will take place on August 14 and 15 in Berlin, on the runway of the historic Templehof Airport.

A place well known to teams and the men of Michelin Motorsport, the only city to appear in the championship since the opening season of 2014 is the German capital!

John Roverk

Photos: Max Malka – Formula E – Michelin

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