Gold toilet in the house of traffic police in Russia!

Gold toilet in the house of traffic police in Russia!

Anti-corruption officials raid the home of a regional traffic police chief in Russia.

As part of an investigation against some corrupt police officers, the Russian Intelligence Service (SK) raided the home of Colonel Alexei Safonov, head of the Department of Transportation in the southern province of Stavropol.

There they see palaces, luxury cars, expensive furniture, money and even gold-plated toilets. Moscow Times News.

Colonel Safonov and six police officers have been arrested on corruption charges.

He allegedly sold traffic permits to traders in exchange for bribes.

Investigators allege that traders used the permit to smuggle food and construction materials smuggled through police checkpoints.

However, the accused police officers have not yet commented on the allegations.

Police in the North Caucasus are investigating corruption in more than 70 homes.

SK is an investigative agency modeled on the FBI in the United States.

Its officials say members of the Safonov gang have pocketed more than 19 million rubles over the past few years.
If convicted, Colonel Saphonov could face up to 15 years in prison.

Alexander Arshanuk, a former Safonov officer, was also arrested during the raid.

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