Chief – Australia: Adelaide jailed again

Chief - Australia: Adelaide jailed again

Like Sydney and Victoria, Adelaide, the country’s third-largest city, will be re-locked after an increase in positive Covid 19 cases.

The move will take effect from July 20. Like other states including New South Wales, the city is struggling to control the spread of the delta variant, which has identified 5 cases related to this new form of the virus.

South Australian Prime Minister Steven Marshall said: “South Australia will be locked from 6pm tonight. ”

Imprisonment will initially take place within 7 days. The new measure will limit 14 million Australians to 25 people in the country, especially 11% of the population believed to be due to a low number of vaccines.

#NSTworld South Australia, its capital Adelaide, is said to be joining the lockout in Sydney and Melbourne after five local cases were discovered. #Adelaide #Australia #Lockdown #Govid19

Benjamin Voland

The city of Brisbane will know in the coming hours whether its candidate will be selected to host the 2032 Summer Games.

The city of Brisbane will know in the coming hours whether its candidate will be selected to host the 2032 Summer Games.

Photographer Tony Manatti looks back on his work with photographs he took while in custody in Paris in 2020.

Sydney was completely banned recently, how could you get involved at that time? With food! LePetitJournal has five cool restaurants in Sydney.

The federal government has announced that Sydney Siders and businesses will be able to receive financial assistance once the city is regulated.

On July 9, the AEFE Conference on Secularism was held in French companies abroad. At the center of the debate was the question of its use in secular countries.

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