Sports | Euro: At the end of Italy’s misery, London is waiting for the other finalist

Sports |  Euro: At the end of Italy's misery, London is waiting for the other finalist

London – Eternal Italy in the Euro final! “Nazionale” were fined on Tuesday (1-1, 4-2, 1-2) for seeking the title against the winner of the other semi-final between England or Denmark, with a full crowd expected in London on Wednesday.

In its final nine years on its way to Kiev (4-0) … “Rose”, the Italian choice, hopes to rebuild after many dark years, at the end of the tunnel, with the glowing levels of the front ‘Wembley Stadium vibrating like Wednesday night.

During this fierce battle, Spain dominated and Alvaro Morata (80th) responded to the opening scores against the tide of Federico Cisa (60th). But Italian realism was similar to the final match, before Jorginho’s decisive strike, with two saves of the best Italian goalkeeper Gianluigi Donorumma in the penalty shoot-out.

It is therefore the “Nacionale” that has failed 33 meetings, looking for its second continental coronation since 1968, with the aim of wiping out the Sunday, 2000 and 2012 defeats at the same Wembley ground. It will be against Denmark or England, the host country of the last square of this euro is scattered in eleven cities in eleven countries.

With 60,000 colorful spectators at the stand, Wembley sang, and Wembley vibrated … Despite health restrictions at the entrance to British territory, it was almost impossible for supporters from abroad to come out to face the eruption of the Delta variant of the Covit-19. , Very contagious.

In this hot climate, and to the slightest advantage of the Italians, Spain has long achieved what no other team has achieved in this euro: to draw Italy off the ball and force them to play defensively.

– Italy is very clear –

But without a real business center, “Rose” failed to come to an end. On one of the best occasions of the first period, Danny Olmo stopped his attempt at the best Donorumma (25th).

To that extent, both during the game and during the game, Italian Federico Cisa opened the scoring with a curled shot from the top corner (60th).

“Rose” not disarmed: Coach Luis Enrique brought in striker Alvaro Morata, the latter brought Spain with a cold (80th).

The extension, therefore, was the third of three matches for Spain, which equated to an extra 90 minutes of competition compared to his opponent, perhaps in the shootout when Danny Olmo saw the unfortunate Morata stop their attempt.

Assouri spoke to London Night before suffering a heel injury in the previous round and dedicating the qualification to their teammate Leonardo Spinosola.

– England believes in its destiny –

Wembley could shake its foundations on Wednesday (9pm) if they beat England Denmark in the semi-finals and finally reach the first Euro final after being shaken up for Italy on Tuesday. World Cup-1966.

After two defeats in the semi-finals in 1968 and 1996, the English believe in their fate after an almost impeccable course in this euro.

“The more we progress, the more we are expected to win and we have to act under pressure,” England captain Harry Kane warned.

At their Wembley garden, the 2018 World Cup semi-finalists dream of toppling England’s cabinet, the last 1966 World Cup to be won by Gordon Banks’ gang Bobby Charlton and Jeffrey Hurst.Way.

But on the contrary, Denmark has nothing to lose. Nordic Pettit’s thumb, touched by the heart failure of his leader Christian Eriksen at the start of the Euro, shone with his regression and quality of play.

To the extent that it repeats the record of the adults of 1992, are those who won the euro surprised? Dominated but victorious Italy showed them the way on Tuesday.

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