Against Australia, a good win to end the tour

Against Australia, a good win to end the tour

Rafael Ibanez was still an international hooker, the last time the Blues won a summer series, in 2006 with moderate Romania (62-14) and South Africa (36-26).

One win in New Zealand in 2009 and two wins in Argentina in 2012 and 2016 – they were satisfied with junk food and have brought back some memorable suitcases that already call into question the usefulness of these long trips. Are trying.

This year again the question arose: what is the point of going to Australia to challenge one of the best teams in the world without the top 14 finalists and being subjected to severe isolation there, or most executives injured or not saved?

The usual “second knives” responded on the pitch, following a tragic turmoil following a siren (23-21) in Brisbane last week, and then signing their first French victory since the 1990s between the Wallabies (28-26) in Melbourne on Tuesday. .

“We wanted this tour to showcase potential, and at this level, we are already satisfied,” Ibnes commented on Thursday, now the general manager of Blues.

“This tour will allow us to highlight ourselves towards the next international event,” he added, “in view of the 2023 World Cup in France.”

“Everything to get”

French rugby has already shown its enormous potential in Australia, with coach Fabian Chaldean and his assistants having some headaches, especially in the third row or center.

But the tour is not over yet, and France’s XV, which is second in the last two editions of the six-nation tournament, has the opportunity to finally make the most of the progress made in terms of the game since the arrival of the new staff.

“Winning a tour has not happened in the Southern Hemisphere for very long. The only desire of the team is to win this match,” said Anthony Jellonch, the third line promoted to captain for the tour, in the absence of Charles Oliven.

Four days after Melbourne’s historic victory, Kaltik edited his copy for the planned decisive “beautiful” with eight changes in his early XV, partly dictated by the amount of injuries and rejuvenation.

With an ankle injury, Toulonais cabin Villier leads left-hander Teddy Thomas, one of the most experienced players on the team (27 picks) on the stand until then.

The editor of a good season with Pav, starter Antoine Hustoi, at the age of 24, will have the massive responsibility of leading the Blues game, replacing Toulonais Luis Carbonal, who made his first choice, which was disappointing during the first two trials. .

Perbignon defender Melvin Jaminet (22), who was under pressure against the Poles on Tuesday (8 of 8), has yet to play a bit in the first 14 games, who is who? Updated.

Or remember this message that the players co-created to give meaning to their southern mission: “We want to give everything we can because this tour is an opportunity to stabilize and grow. Because our strengths are irresponsibility and the will to challenge, we have everything to gain ”. This is more relevant than ever.

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