The Retro Fashion Trend of 1950s Dress And 1920s Dress

Fashion is one of the ways in which men and women all over the world can express themselves freely. We don’t really think about it every day now, but at one time women were expected to conform to the way society wanted them to dress.

This meant long dresses, long sleeves, and corsets.

The 1920s was the first time she had “thrown caution to the wind” and dressed the way she wanted. Not in the way men, or their parents, or society would either

For the most part, it was young women who started the trend of short, shapeless dresses. They also started bobbing their hair and wearing makeup.

This was one of the first times and ways that young girls rebelled. Their new style of dressing gave them a sense of freedom.

While 1950 is another period where new clothing models started appearing in the market, so let’s delve into the difference between these two vintage dresses.

1920s dress

1920s dresses were made of lighter materials due to the invention of new synthetic materials and the less availability of old materials.

This was the first time that women’s shirts were worn. They had never worn separate clothes so much before. They mostly wore dresses, not a blouse and skirt.

Like the dresses of this time, the blouses were loose and not suitable for giving a boyish look. They were usually made of silk or rayon. Skirts at that time were similar to dresses and calf length or shorter.

They often had a higher waist and a fuller skirt then dresses, and were usually paired with loose-fitting shirts or sweaters to give the effect of a lower waist.

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Women tend to wear decorative shoes with laces. Women often finish their look with either a bell-shaped hat, a mitten hat, or a headband. This was an age of brilliance, which of course meant over jewels, embroidery, and crystal embellishments.

1950s Dress

The new design by Christian Dior was the pioneer, and it set the standard for 1950s fashion. Since the men’s return from the war, women have once again moved away from menswear and returned to feminine styles.

This entire era focused on the hourglass shape of women. Now that men have returned from the war, there was a huge baby boom at this time, and thus an increase in trendy maternity clothes was created.

Acrylic, spandex, and polyester were the main materials used in the clothing of the 1950s. Poodle skirts were popular for a short period of time, but when they were elegant, they were all the rage.

Since the end of the war, people have started to return to Paris again for their fashion sense. Also thanks to the end of the war, bejeweled collars and Peter Pan appeared.

Another style very popular often with women at this time is the peplum tops, with peplum jackets, and a pencil skirt.

Pencil skirts were also one of the very important pieces of clothing that was created and is still in use today in the 1950s. This style gave a very elegant and professional look.

Last words

In my personal opinion, I think 1920’s and 1950’s women sculpt people’s opinions of fashion. They were the ones who took the risk with the new methods, keeping people interested and each on their own.

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We owe women and their relationships with fashion a lot today, and I’m so grateful for that.

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