Sheriff O’Neill takes a big stop!

Shareef O'Neal a fait ses grands débuts à LSU en NCAA

Ann Can Sharif O’Neill, who is known all over the world for his family name, thinks he lives an easy life, but he also knows frustration… For example, he took a big stop, which hurt his ego!

Despite his good position in the traditional Drew League, Sharif O’Neill’s summer will not start off very well. He had the opportunity to be reminded that he is a very talented basketball player, despite playing a little in the NCAA and having persistent injuries. At the same time with such a last name, the lack of facilities in the field is almost impossible.

Unfortunately, this skill is not recognized by everyone, including the NBA scouts who show the least love for him … A few days ago, Sharif O’Neill had to do the example Explain publicly on his Twitter account the reason why he is not yet among the experts ! Most recently, he took a big stop, which must have hurt his ego …

Error, Twitter actually rejected my verification request, I am leaving this network

Sharif O’Neill, one of the most popular athletes in history with 330,000 subscribers to the Blue Bird Network, failed to get the little certificate sticker next to his name! A big disappointment that could have prompted him to drop the application … his tragedy still incomprehensible!

With 2.7 million followers, he has already been checked out for years, since he has never had any problems on Instagram! The positive thing is that with the new rules in place at the NCAA, he will be able to sign partnerships with brands, which will inevitably be more profitable on Instagram than on Twitter!

Sharif O’Neill will have to wait a little longer before getting certified on social networks… then in the worst case, his father can spend a few shots Phone

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