MLP: Medieval Courses

MLP: Medieval Courses

With the All-Star Game now behind us, it’s time to look at the most deserving ones in the first installment of the calendar.

If this season ends today, here are the winners of the various c.

National League

Manager of the Year: Cape Coupler – San Francisco Giants

There are many good candidates, but there is no doubt that the Giants’ Cape Coupler will be my choice. When he was hired two years ago he was already unanimous, playing the Coupler Giants and his staff efficiently. Being number one at this point in the season is unimaginable, especially since the Dodgers and Patrice are in their division.

Rookie of the Year: Trevor Rogers – Miami Marlins

If you know Trevor Rogers, you know he was a Marlins first-round pick, so he had tremendous energy. If you’ve seen him play a few innings last year with the Marlins while averaging 6.11 at seven starts, you wouldn’t believe he’s the same pitcher. Since he did not start well enough in the Majors, he maintained his luxurious position, and his meteoric progression made him the rug of the year.

Sai Young: Jacob de Chrome – Mets de New York

This is by far the easiest trophy to hand over, as Jacob Dichrome’s performance is in its own class. He was more dominant than Bob Gibson in 1968, finishing this season with a 1.12 GPA and forcing himself out of the Major League Baseball Field. Only a long-term injury can prevent Digrom from coming with that respect.

MVP: Jacob de Chrome – New York Mets

There are certainly a few interesting candidates among the level players, but no one is enough to say that they do more for their team than Jacob de Chrome. With the Mets leading their division, Dicrom still deserves the title, he only throws once every five days. Such dominance will never be seen again, but he should return to health very soon.

American League

Manager of the Year: Alex Cora – Boston Red Sox

Everyone knows Alex Cora is a great manager, but what he is doing this year is sheer genius. It’s an achievement to change this team, especially on the mound, and make them one of the best in the majors. Following his suspension last year for his role in the Astros signal theft scandal in 2017 there are sure to be many reporters who did not vote for him, but I think he deserves to win. Dusty Baker (Houston), Tony Larusa (Chicago), Terry Francona (Cleveland) and Kevin Cash (Tampa Bay) are also set to get their votes.

Rookie of the Year: Adolis Garcia – Texas Rangers

This is no different recruitment since he is already 28 years old. He has gone under the radar of several teams, but he seems to have entered the Texas Rangers restructuring. He is solid in all respects, but he can sometimes frustrate his manager with his aggression. Carbon copy of the Cuban Yazil Puig, with excellent approach, but efficiently.

Sai Young: Gerrit Cole – Yankees de New York

If the decision in the National League is easy, it is a completely different story in the American League. I hesitated for a long time between Gerrit Cole and Lance Lynn of Chicago White Sox. Yankees’ goal has been a favorite since the start of the season, but it has dropped dramatically in recent weeks, with his name associated with pitchers who are more vulnerable to new sticky rules. However, he had a unique final start before the All-Star break against the Astros, and even if he loses some advantage, he still seems to be proving he can be a dominant pitcher. But he will have to continue to perform better because White Sox ‘Lance Lynn is not far behind.

MVP: Vladimir Guerrero – Toronto Blue Zeus and Shoaib Othani – Los Angeles Angels

The debate is likely to return. Is he the MVP or the most valuable player for his team? At the rate at which things go, Othani is going to win this title because he is doing something so amazing. But if Jayce made the playoffs and ended up under the Angels .500 score, would the same reporters still vote for Othani? That will not be my thing, because I will vote for the one who has led his team to more victories. What Othani is doing is fantastic and historically special, but I think Guerrero Jr. deserves it, maybe even more if Jayce makes the playoffs.

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