Ellinigo: Plans for the Coastal Area and the Marina Galleria

Ellinigo: Plans for the Coastal Area and the Marina Galleria

Lamda Development today unveiled its plans to redesign the coastline of Ellinigo and the new landmark, the Marina Galleria in the Marina of the Agios Cosmos, which will make the Athenian Riviera the best place in the world.

This is Lambda Development’s second online presentation on Elinico’s identity work, and it took place in the context of its pioneering presentation to citizens.

“The opening to the sea plays an important role in our design for Ellinico. That is why redesigning the coastline is a unique development, which we have prioritized. During the presentation, Mr. Odysseus Athanasio, CEO of Lamda Development, said:

The CEO of Lamda Development, Mr. Odysseus Athanasio

Marina Galleria: The new generation target of the ocean

Marina Galleria (www.theellinikonmarinagalleria.com) offers guests a diverse and highly aesthetic shopping, gastronomy and entertainment experience that caters to modern international trends.

At 22,000 square meters, it will offer leading fashion houses, some of which are coming to Greece for the first time, but also internationally recognized Greek designers. It offers a series of high-level gastronomic programs from popular Greek and foreign chefs, as well as a wide variety of cultural and entertainment events.

Designed by the world-renowned architectural firm Kengo Kuma and Associates, the Marina Galleria will be one of Elinico’s landmarks, an architectural landmark in Ajios Cosmos’ new marina and will attract visitors from Greece and around the world.

“Thanks to its privileged location, its aesthetic architecture and its relationship with the water element, but also the multifaceted experience it offers to its visitors, the Marina Galleria will be a new generation destination, unique to Greek data,” underlined by Ms Lamda Development Officer for Marina Galleria Paisi.

“For the design of the Marina Galleria, we had the unique opportunity to combine elements and materials of the Greek landscape following the modern design philosophy. Thus, a new typography was born: a sophisticated business destination, open to the sea, the sun and the Greek landscape,” said Mr. Mentioned by Aris Cofandris, Kengo Kuma & Associates.

Europe’s most beautiful coastal front

The design of the Lambda Development for the Reconstruction of the Coastal Zone of Ellinois incorporates a series of landmarks and landmarks, highlighting the unique natural beauty, but also revealing the vital development potential of the Athenian Riviera as one of the best tourist destinations in the world.

In the coastal area, among other things, a new sand beach 1 km long will be created, free access, where city dwellers and visitors will be able to watch swimming, play and have fun. These projects include the upgrade of Agios Cosmos’ Marina in terms of capacity and services, as well as the creation of two high-quality hotel units in collaboration with the TEMES Group. In the same area will be the Green Skyscraper Marina Tower of Unique Architecture designed by leading architectural firm Foster + Partners.

The coastal area will be connected to the Metropolitan Park and the rest of Elinico by a 50 km network that includes walking, cycling and public transportation.

The goal of the Lamda Development is to promote the Greek and Athenian Riviera as a global quality destination that will add value to neighboring municipalities, Attica and the country, and provide new beautiful open spaces for citizens to play, have fun and relax. In the unseen green of the ocean.

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