Briefly MLP: Alec Manova is not tomorrow | Luis Rojas suspended two games

Briefly MLP: Alec Manova is not tomorrow |  Luis Rojas suspended two games

Isn’t Alek Manova tomorrow?

He slipped on the steps of Sahlan Field, not 100%. He goes on the injured list.

Speaking of Jayce, the Buffalo Bison School Club will be back to Buffalo on August 10th.

Jackie Robinson’s wife is 99 years old

Happy birthday to her.

Luis Rojas suspended two games

He argued very seriously with the authorities.

Players of the Week

Mitch Honiger and Willie Adams receive the award.

Max Munchie Signature Auckland

We are openly talking about the recently selected opportunity in the draft, not the Dodgers player.

New podcast for Big Poppy

Jared Carabis and Sox Legend will have their show.

Charles-Alexis Prespois

From the beginning of the site to the present, Charles has been a true baseball enthusiast. He hopes fans will react to choosing the fashion MLP for the information and that baseball will continue to be important in Quebec. You can always ask him on 91.9 Sports to discuss MLP news.

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