At 20, Weepy wants to grow again

At 20, Weepy wants to grow again

He was one of the first wave musketeers who did not yet have French technology. At the same time, Mark Simonsini (Medic) and Xavier Neil (Iliad), creators of, Jack-Antoine Gronzone, 58, invented a new economic model that saddened the codes. Launched in 2001, the site specializes in event sales by offering products of major brands at discounted prices, mainly ready to wear in its early days.

Twenty years later, the distant sales problem maker has evolved into a European e-commerce company. The site, renamed Weepy in 2019, now employs 5,500 people and has a revenue of 3. 3.8 billion by 2020, selling 120 million products a year to 66 million customers, the site’s “members”.

After an eighteen-month health crisis, its founder – who has been very sensible for many years – affirms the company’s commitment: “Our original job was to sell shares of brands. They were our first customers. When stores closed, there were more shares. We helped them sell them.” He did not hide the shock he experienced: “March 2020 was very violent, from all perspectives. When the first imprisonment was announced, everything was suspended for three weeks. We do not know what is going to happen.”

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One victim of Govt at the time, Jacques-Antoine Gronzone authorizes the exercise of the right to withdraw logistics personnel. “There was a lot of fear in business back then, and Weepy was no exception.” The non-existent rate in this key sector for the e-commerce platform is rising to 45%, while the whole segment of activity is disappearing: in total, மில்லியன் 400 million in travel sales and மில்லியன் 100 million. Euros on shows have evaporated in eighteen months. However, the company (PGE) does not want to benefit from a guaranteed loan.

European development

“The mobilization of teams is unbelievable and never weakens, underscoring the entrepreneurs. We focus on three objectives: to create sales, to provide our customers with the longest deadlines, and for our teams to operate quietly and secure our warehouses every day.” Delivers 116,000 parcels) has won the award for Best Customer Relationship and the mission is successful.

After an American adventure with no future, Jax-Antoine Gronzone chose a European strategy, planned through a series of acquisitions financed by debt, because the founder did not want to reduce his share of the capital by raising funds. Or an IPO. The site owner, who returned to full control after several months of downturn between 2017 and 2019, worked directly on the integration of eight sites, many of which were former direct competitors of Weepy. A complex exercise, but finally ended: “Spain and Italy merged in September 2020, and Penelux will be at the end of this year,” the chairman notes. Contains all without any advertising.

“Our job is to create privileges that are not found anywhere else,” underscores the man nicknamed “Jack”. The battle for quick bowling is not always his. This former discount store supports discounts and diversification of its offer, especially food and wine. Among its projects, initiatives in the field of CSR (corporate social responsibility). For the first time in its history, the site will offer recycled products in a “reverse sales” process, refurbished in a specific factory.

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