A stone was thrown from the Australian city of Carcassonne

A stone was thrown from the Australian city of Carcassonne

Within minutes from the city, the Australian Park offers a chance to discover the cultural and zoological richness of the country. Combining fun and education, the park’s ambition is like the guided tours it organizes.

BAn Australian park? It is the connection between the two senses. An animal interest is primarily related to interest in Australia ” Director Carol Mason explains. For this trained biologist, the purpose of the park is “The zoo offers a collection of animals and species similar to those in the zoo “Rather, it is about providing the public with a real contact with the animal. For this, the Australian Park offers guided tours, during which the visitor is as close to the animal as possible.”This is not just a view through a fence, we’re really penetrating the brackets here. ” Says Carol Mason. 1h30 guided tours allow you to take part in feeding the ostriches, cross the wallopes barrier, access the kangaroos, and enter the birdhouse of the badger. But “Not just the animal part and the guided tour ” Underlines the director. The whole area of ​​the park is actually dedicated to highlighting people who are often overlooked by the general public: the tribes. With the help of explanatory panels and rearranged scenes, the culture of these people is thus enhanced and thus forms part of the educational approach, which is a testament to the variety of activities offered to children. They can then attend a boomerang workshop or follow a startup in Dodgeridu, the symbol of tribal culture.

A concrete park

With 2.43 billion reptiles, 180 million birds and 143 million mammals, this is the number of fires that will devastate Australia and its flora and fauna between 2019 and 2020. Faced with this environmental catastrophe the Australian park is not standing still. On January 8, 2020, he issued a call for assistance from the Australian Wildlife Conservation Associations. Ambition? Create “synthetic bags” aimed at building tens of thousands of marsupials that have fallen from the mother’s pockets. In a few days, the real chain of unity will be formed. “This is an extraordinary adventure. We raised ,000 16,000 in donations and in total, more than 30,000 bags were produced and shipped to Australia. “Carol Mason testifies with emotion.”If such a fire does not recur this year, we will continue to liaise with the associations in the area. Says the director.

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