The first photo on the internet, how and where it was taken, and how it worked on Instagram

The first photo on the internet, how and where it was taken, and how it worked on Instagram

The European Organization for Nuclear Research, also known as CERN (for its acronym in French, Conceil Europe for Law Research Nuclear), is where the path to the first film to reach the Internet began. According to a BBC note in this regard.

The funny thing is, photography has become a milestone for technology An interesting situation where a little or nothing has to do with science.

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The first photo on the web: how was it?

The first women’s film on the network resembles the band ‘Les Horror’s Cernets’, Which became the aesthetic parody of the 50s.

These amateur artists worked at CERN and came to CERN in 1989 to participate in a music festival. Silvano de Gennaro organized the meeting in which one of these women became famous.

The Recognition among the scientific community for this theme led to performances at other festivals until 1992. They have reached the stage of recording an album and you can even watch them in a video on YouTube.

Silvano de Gennaro, husband of one of the members, saved a photo of the artists The chance of life led her friend to see her.

The person in question Tim Berners-Lee, Father of the World Wide Web or www, Asked his colleague to scan the uploaded photo.

Berners-Lee created a page on CERN activities, where he uploaded what is commonly described as the first photo uploaded to the Internet., Although the BBC provides an accuracy in this matter, it is not entirely accurate.

“To begin with, the Internet existed before the Internet (the Internet is one of the ways to spread information on the Internet). Because the web was built by physicists to share information, the data often contained scientific images, “he noted in his note, although” the Cernets were the first non-technical photographs to be uploaded to the web. “

The BBC recognizes in its speech that the first photo that reached the Internet was “taken for fun, not for work”, which can be seen as a natural precedent Instagram.

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Silvano said about the postcard of four women In the middle of a musical parody they went down in history as the first faces on the World Wide Web.

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