|  The doctor explains the cerebrospinal fluid leak and its causes

| The doctor explains the cerebrospinal fluid leak and its causes

This fluid acts as a cushioning to move the brain and the adjacent spinal cord safely. The top of the brain and spinal cord both have three layers to keep them safe. That is, the first layer beyond the brain is the pia mater, the second layer is the arachnoid, and the third layer is the dura mater. The CSF fluid is located between the second layer and the third layer.

CSF fluid leaks out as a hole is made in the third layer of dura mater outside the brain. To put it more simply, the fluid inside you will form layers like a gel-like structure around it. This fluid leak is called CSF Leak. This hole can often occur for no apparent reason, due to hereditary diseases, head injuries or other surgical mistakes and connective tissue disease. People with this disease also have weak skin and heart. CFL can occur because the dura mater of the brain is weak.


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The trio of Toro, Arachnoid and Bio Matter are called meninges. These protect the brain from external infections. Bacteria and viruses in the nose and ears can enter the brain and cause infections in the meninges when a perforation occurs in the brain and causes CFL.

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