“I never knew it”

"I never knew it"

The United States, the winners of the last hot match against Spain, will fly to Tokyo on Sunday with the first match against France. The last two production matches are more inspiring than the first two matches with alchemy, but 3 of the team’s key players, Devin Booker, Chris Middleton And Jur holiday The product did nothing.

“I never knew it. It’s a little different. I would like to thank the young people who were there, but those who were not on the Olympic team, those who allowed us to train, because otherwise the seizure of Bradley (Peel) and Jeremy (Grant) would have been much more complicated. Has been out for the past few days. So these people saved us and at least allowed us to make some fraudulent products. ”

Booker and Middleton are currently shining in the NBA Finals, and are in holiday-watching mode, and we do not know when they will be able to take the direction of Tokyo. Game 6 is played on Tuesday evenings and finally Game 7 is scheduled for Thursday evening. This means departing on Wednesdays or Fridays and arriving in Tokyo the next day. In Game 7 event, 3 matches will land in Tokyo after a flight of more than 10 hours.

After a try season and playoffs, we don’t know in which state Greg Popovich will retrieve them. It was difficult to prepare for the match against France.

“I do not know what state they will be in. If they come the day before the game, the jet lag comes into effect two days later. Are they ready for the game? We have to play them a little bit in the first half. Let’s see how it goes. If they’m not healthy, they (the finalists) should play.

The good news is that the second match will only be against Iran on Wednesday, even though we know the trio will get used to the time difference and coordinate a little with the other team, the problem during training is the Olympics. However, keeping track of Greg Bopovich’s track word systems and keeping it simple in terms of the game.

“We have to keep it simple. Finding the wheel again would be the worst thing.” Greg Popovich

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