“All American history revolves around this Amerindian genocide attempt.”

"All American history revolves around this Amerindian genocide attempt."

In a fascinating book, What Happened to an Injured Knee (Flamorian), archaeologist Laurent Oliver discovered the massacre of a wounded knee in South Dakota in 1890, which is still remembered today. Native American partnership. This symbolic place was occupied by the militants of the American Indian Movement in 1973 and surrounded by the police and the FBI for seventy-three days: one dies. Today, every year, a horse parade honors the memory of the many women and children who fell victim to this massacre. Interview.

You are an archaeologist, but first you specialize in Kaul. What intrigued you about Native American history?

There are common points between the Coles and the Amarindians. The Cools were a militant and hegemonic people, defeated by a superior power, Rome, which lost their institutions, religion, and language. Through total integration, until they are destroyed. In the collective imagination, what remains is this image of sympathetic rebels: Asterix, Obelix, Menhirs, Versingtorix.

“Who can I speak my language with now?” Report among Amerindians destroyed by Av Govt

The Amerindians, summarized in a few colorful pictures – helmets with feathers, red skins, Deepies … – are a collection of defeated forced people whose culture and language have been almost wiped out.

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