L'équipe maudite contre laquelle Damian Lillard est un fantôme NBA

4 owners of Damien Lillard if future departure

Although he recently wanted to reassure Blazers fans, Damien Lillard often put pressure on his leaders. If there are no results, he will demand his business very quickly. Although he is very interested in one franchise, the other three are in the star’s view.

From the beginning of his career in Oregon, Damien Lillard He has always reiterated his desire to stay in Portland whether a ring is on the road or not. An important text for fans, but it has been at the forefront in recent weeks. The star is not a fan of the moves made by GM and gradually feels betrayed by its leaders.

Recently, He attacked his own list, Not satisfied with the ability to be in Portland. It’s hard to make a statement, but it breathes fresh air into the league: No, Lillard is not blind to his team’s prospects. Now, we are waiting to see what Suncy Philips will do with Blazers.

Can a coach make a difference? We suspect it very strongly. The problem is deep, Dame Dolla can quickly ask him to leave. Because yes, even though it recently promised fans, Above all he opened the door to a trade In the near future. Fans are warned that their star is likely to wear a new jersey in the coming years.

In this regard, we have the first lead on the Eastern Conference side. Lillard will have the option, But backup plans are also essential. Journalist Barry Bonds firmly believes that there are indeed 4 teams of Auckland natives, and we see a lot of Nix. But that’s not all: the Heat, the Lakers and finally the Warriors. They are heavy with meaningful teams, even if not everyone has the means to make a big business.

The Knicks, the Lockers, the Heat and the Warriors are the 4 teams interested in Lillard.

Whether the trade request was made or not, we are getting closer than ever to the departure of Damien Lillard. Here are 4 teams to follow closely during the transfer, even if the majority of the league is interested in its subject matter. Will you meet in a year?

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