When we lose strength, when we gain it

Коли ми втрачаємо сили, а коли їх набуваємо

In the psychology studio the SENS described situations where people lose their strength and the actions that fill us with energy.

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When we lose strength

  • When we say “yes”, but really want to say “no”.
  • We “dress” a smile when we really want to cry.
  • Instead of asking ourselves why, we encourage ourselves to work a little harder.
  • We carry a shame and don’t give the voice what we need.
  • We do work we don’t like.
  • We deceive ourselves and others.
  • We are scared.
  • We expect someone to one day change our lives like a magic wand.
  • We find ourselves inadequate, unqualified, incompetent, angry at ourselves.

When we lose strength / photo becks

When do we gain strength:

  • We communicate with people who support us and trust us.
  • We relax and travel.
  • Overcome your fears.
  • We take care of our body and engage in physical practices.
  • We free our body space from unnecessary things.
  • We destroy our emotional space.
  • We say no because we want to say so.
  • We say “yes” because we are willing to do it.
  • We begin to do what we have long dreamed of.

When we get strength / photo becks

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