Science or witchcraft? .. The horoscope reveals how to predict events

Science or witchcraft?  .. The horoscope reveals how to predict events

Science or witchcraft? Predictions of horoscopes, mostly derived from witchcraft and astronomy, originated in antiquity and spread to later civilizations, and were published by numerous books and books that dealt with this science in an objective and logical manner. How do horoscopes predict events before they occur?

An expert on horoscopes and astronomy, the so-called “fortune teller” Muhammad Sophie said that all his predictions, whether they have occurred or not, are astronomical and have their origins in the beginning of civilizations, where this science was applied to all civilizations and cultures, but also to the movement of the stars and the unseen. The result is no comparison between scientific predictions, because the invisible is only in God’s hands, and He knows what He can create.

It came during a symposium at a cultural center in Tokyo, where the lucky martyr was performed: “There are many Quranic verses that prove my speech and confirm that the unseen knowledge is only in the hands of God.”

He added: “Astronomy is like any other science, the evidence for which is the physician’s prediction of the patient’s condition, for example. This is medical science, as well as astronomy and horoscopes. They are not more valuable than medicine, along with my respect and appreciation for doctors. “

An expert on the towers, President Abdel Fattah expects L-CC’s star to be high and continue to shine, and he expects to dictate his will to many, including heads of state who will return to Egypt for support in the coming period until the end of the Renaissance dam crisis by the end of this year.

To the question of why the nature and luck of two twins belonging to the same sign differ, it is the astrological chart of a person that determines what he is, it is drawn by the immediate date of birth, so there are sharp differences between the twins in everything you see.

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