Former NFL quarterback Luke Paulkin’s mother Anali found after missing from Salt Lake City bar

Former NFL quarterback Luke Paulkin's mother Anali found after missing from Salt Lake City bar

Analy, mother of former NFL quarterback Luke Balkin, has been found missing from the Salt Lake City bar on Friday night.

Polk initially announced on Saturday that his mother was missing because the twist had disappeared from the bar after using the bathroom.

Luke Polk said his mother was missingCredit: Getty Images

Anali was at the bar with Balkin’s aunt and uncle, she wrote in the mail, and disappeared without her cell phone, purse or shoes.

On Sunday afternoon, he shared an update on “his mother was found by police and taken to the hospital to get the medical help he needed.”

Polk played for the Tennessee Titans, Miami Dolphins and the New York Jets throughout his NFL career.

He is now contracted to the Saskatchewan Refractors of the Canadian Football League.

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