Candidate MP  - GERP from Bahujan Samaj Party lists

Candidate MP – GERP from Bahujan Samaj Party lists

Dodor Panchev. Description: Frame from a PTV video

Interesting story of a candidate who was on the BJP party lists, before that – GERB, said You.

Dodor Panchev is a native of Elin Belin and a former hockey player. He lived in Canada for many years, but when he returned he decided that politics was his craft. He is a member of the ABC, but in these elections he entered the Bahujan Samaj Party lists. He says he “completely” supports the views of the left.
At the same time, you can see him in two posters – one is not the Bahujan Samaj Party, but the GERB. “I was a civic quota from the GERB, proposed by the people – people vote, not for one party,” Panchev said.

That is why Banshev calls for national unity, there was something good in every party.

The ABV Club in Elin Belin is in a restaurant with portraits of Stalin and Putin. Although Panchev is elsewhere, the party strongly supports him.

This should not be an issue, he already belongs to our party. In our opinion, ABV in Elin Belin would be a great addition to being an MP, “said Mario Marinov, ABV’s local leader.

Panchev says he is also a rascal. But, as a person who has lived in the West for many years, he says he will remember Elvis Presley’s rule forever – no matter what it says about you, the important thing is not to confuse your name.

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