Work on ear wireless headphones up to 45 hours of use at Jlab GO 2,190 baht.

Work on ear wireless headphones up to 45 hours of use at Jlab GO 2,190 baht.

Introducing the latest headphones “Jlab GO Work” GO Work is a wireless on-ear headset to meet the needs of working from home without interruption, just like sitting in a meeting in the office. Designed for usable telecommunications with computers integrated with real-time mobile phone calls. The rotary mount is fitted with a C3 calling microphone. Better noise cancellation

The dual mic comes with a microphone on / off button with work, which has a red light indicating the mute status of the microphone. So you and those around you know that status and most importantly, you can use it for up to 45 hours on a single charge that lasts the battery, which can be used for a whole week.

Also, GO Work headphones focus on wearing comfort, with cloudy foam interior, providing soft, comfortable clothing without hurting the ears, even after wearing for a long time. It can use both wire. And wireless for flexibility in various tasks. At the same time, it also supports Bluetooth connectivity. This allows Multipoint to work with two devices simultaneously. It comes with a 3.5mm cable that is compatible with all platforms such as PCs, Macs, tablets and smartphones, as well as being able to control the sound on-off. Accept the call and read music easily with many functional controls on the headphones. The battery can be used for up to 45 hours on a single charge.

You can buy JLab today on the Banana ID online channel or follow more details

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