Netflix: un anime incontournable arrive enfin sur la plateforme !

Netflix: Unauthorized anime finally comes on stage!

A new anime will land on the Netflix platform on September 15th. Good news for all fans of the Japanese series.

Good news for fans of the Japanese animated series! A new anime is coming in September Next On Netflix. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Netflix is ​​all about diversity

Amazon Prime, Hulu, OCS, Disney +. Video-on-demand services are becoming harder Since a while. Netflix made a serious decision to position itself.

This, in order to maintain the position of its leader. Proud to be one of the favorite sites of moviegoers, the American company also released An interesting achievement at the end of 2020.

In total, More than 200,000 million people joined SVOD. So Stream Agent has nothing to envy its competitors. Quite the contrary.

But to be sure, he wants to give his all. So, In the face of the triumph of Japanese culture, The streaming company seems to be committed to diversity.

After promoting several series from around the world, The stage is essential in the Japanese universe.

Last March, it announced a big news Law Conference Animjapan 2021 de Tokyo. In fact, more than 40 anime will be added to the VOD service list.

This, to the delight of fans of the genre. Tiki Sakurai, co-producer of the Japanese series for Netflix, explained to Bloomberg at the time: “We want to be The primary entertainment destination With good quality content. ”

He added: “The growth of our company is directly linked The development of our anime offering. » So, a new headline is landing very quickly on the video on demand service in red “my”.

Detective Conan an anime lands on September 15th

Seven Deadly Sins, Becky, Hunter x Hunter Or Naruto. There is a lot of buzz animation on Netflix. The Video On Demand service seems to understand this.

More and more subscribers The Japanese series is the most watched. So a new one should join the list soon.

It really is Detective Conan. Yes! Season 1 will be Available September 15. An income that promises to be very interesting.

There is a stream agent Announced the arrival of the series on his Twitter account. And fans of the genre reacted quickly. “Finally ! July Written by an internet user under a post published on July 15th.

Others already seem to be wondering when the following seasons will be added. One thing is for sure Fans are already in turmoil over this news.

Netflix, again, has hit the nail on the head The work of Gōshō Aoyama. The series then tells the story of Shinichi Gudo. When Men in Black tries to poison him, the young man turns into a little boy.

Then he chooses to change his identity. The latter is detective Conan. See you on September 15th Next to discover the 1st season!