Jessica Alves is stunned in London with her curves

Jessica Alves is stunned in London with her curves

After wearing a gastric belt in Turkey, TV star Jessica Alves reveals her curved curves in London.

British reality TV star, Jessica AlvesJessica Alves stuns with her curves after a beauty session in London.

Human Pimpo completed the isolation for Kovit-19 after returning from Turkey. There, the star was operated on with a gastric group.

After gaining 16 kilograms during his imprisonment, doctors recommended surgery to regain his normal weight.

After losing a pound a day at a clinic in Turkey, Ken shows his surgery improved curves.

She is wearing a blue double breasted shirt and a tight white skirt. Playing with her long blonde hair, the TV personality looks brighter than ever.

Keep in mind that since 2019, the celebrity has begun her gender reassignment process. After performing numerous surgeries, Ken completed his transition from Barbie.

Although he has long been recognized as the “human ken”, he felt that his surgeries were the result of a constant search for identity.

“When I saw my change after moving to Thailand in 2019, a lot of people thought it was a media stunt because a lot of people didn’t take me seriously. People thought I was addicted to plastic surgery, I’m really trying to find myself and find out who I really am, ”he said.

In an interview with the British site Daily MailOnline, he revealed that he had undergone penile-peritoneal vaginoplasty.

This process is called a sexual restoration operation. It was made in Bangkok and cost him over 13,000 euros.

Over the past eight years, Jessica has worked as a television celebrity on more than 400 television shows and in 23 countries around the world.

However, as he explained in his interview, after his change, he lost many employment contracts in various countries such as Russia, Romania, USA and Spain.

Similarly, many brands he was an ambassador for have decided to end their union, although he has not regretted his decision.

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