Fix Lots Wounds: Windows 11 Built-in 22000.65 New Version Experience-Windows 11

Following the release of the first preview version of Windows 11 (Built 22000.51), Microsoft recently released a second version preview update (Built 22000.56) for Insider users. Compared to the previous version, this time we mainly fixed some obvious bugs in the previous version and added some detailed experience.


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1. Start menu

The new version adds a search bar at the top of the Start menu to make it easier for users to search for documents, applications, settings and other content.

After clicking, it will go directly to the search panel. In particular, the whole process is equivalent to adding shortcut input to the Start menu. Since the sizes of the two panels are not the same, the whole jump is really quite blunt, and the experience is not very good.

2. Update “Return”

The last version of the right-click menu canceled the “update” function, which was considered to provoke public outrage. After planning for a while, the “update” finally came back.But don’t be too happy this timeMicrosoftOnly the update is reset in the desktop menu, and File Explorer is still intact. At the same time, the menu shadow issue at both levels is not resolved, which is far from imaginable.

3. Taskbar “Show desktop”

“Display Desktop” is still narrower, but it is better than the previous version. The new version expands the implementation range of “Display Desktop”. Now you only need to move the mouse to the bottom right corner of the taskbar to enable this function. However, the “hover to show desktop” has not been restored, and those in need will have to wait a little longer.

4. Battery mode

The new version adds power mode adjustment (better performance / balance / better power capacity) and battery details, allowing you to see the battery charge and discharge conditions more intuitively. However, during the test, it was found that the new version of Power Mode does not modify the Power Mode in the traditional panel.

5. New notification style

New versionWindows Adjusted the style of the dialog box. Compared to the older version, it has a unique hierarchical feel and the performance is much better in dark mode.

6. Bucket chart function

“Doubt” is a basic functionality added in the new version. When you set the location of that location to “China”, you can call the “Doubt” dialog box using the shortcut key (Win +.). Currently, Microsoft is collaborating with the Chinese GIF provider Flash Alliance, the real experience is not bad. Basically, you can find the most popular online languages. However, there is still the problem of not being able to resize the dialog box. Truth be told, it’s very embarrassing to use.

7. Multi monitor management

The new version adds several monitor management functionality to the taskbar settings. For users with special needs, they can now adjust the display themselves.

8. More detailed synchronization

Although an earlier version of Windows 11 supported Chinese, it was not translated enough. The new version focuses on the localization of the “Settings” panel. Currently, most of the key functions are done (of course the quality of some localization needs to be improved), and you can compare the two screen shots yourself.

Write at the end

In addition to the above, the new version also fixes personal details. For example, the Notification Center and Function Center add shadow effects, fix the dim issue of the Alt + TAB window, add “Adjust Sound Issues” in the volume menu, and more. In addition, the glitter issue of the taskbar, which was previously very loud, should now be resolved, at least it has not appeared since I tested it. Of course, in general, this is still a very … very … very early version, and it is not recommended for use as a production environment.

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