Cannes 2021: Directors’ Fortnight – A Sierra and Les Magnetics Difference in Cinema News

Cannes 2021: Directors' Fortnight - A Sierra and Les Magnetics Difference in Cinema News
Cannes 2021 by AlloCiné
Cannes 2021 by AlloCiné


From July 6 to 1721, our passionate experts are once again immersed in the heart of Cannes madness. Editorial Manager: Latidia Ratten Journalists: Brigitte Baronet / Megan Socket / Thomas Desroches / Maximilian Pierret Video: Ando Raminoson / Arthur Turnerte

Among the directors’ Fortnight nominees at the 74th Cannes Film Festival, A Sierra and Les Magnetics films are distinguished by the Europa Cinemas label and the SACD.

High and short

At the 74th edition of the Cannes Film Festival the partners of the Society des Realizers de Films distinguished two of the 23 films selected for the directors’ Fortnight, a parallel and non-competitive selection.

The last part of a trilogy surrounding the Calabrian city of Gioia Duro, Sierra, written by Jonas Carpicano, received the distinction of being the best European film on the Europa Cinemas label. The Italian director’s new film follows 16 – year – old Sierra’s investigation into the mystery surrounding her father’s disappearance after a big family celebration.

For its part, SACD (Society of Dramatic Authors and Composers) distinguished one of our favorites from these directors Fortnight: Les Magnetics, the first film by French director Vincent Mal Cardona.

Competing for the Camera D’Or, the film pays tribute to Jerome’s undeniable talent for music as he goes through the journey of liberation through a family uprising and the duty of military service during the Revolution. 1980s Rock and Roll.

Cannes 2021: Directors’ Fortnight’s powerful and rock-and-roll film Les Magnetics

As a reminder, during the opening ceremony on July 7, the Film Directors Association presented this year’s Golden Coach to American filmmaker and documentary producer Frederick Wiseman, following his screening. Monrovia, Indiana.

It should be noted that the revival of films will be organized in Paris from August 26 to September 5, 2021 at the Forum des Films in order for the general public to discover these new voices of contemporary and independent cinema.

  • Label Europa Cinemas: To the Sierra de Jordas Carbignano
  • SACD Prize for Directors Fifteen Weeks: The Magnetism of Vincent Mall Cardona
  • Caros d’Or: Frederick Wiseman

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