A star in Lamelo loses his temper: “When Jordan talks about him, it says it all”

Michael Jordan donne son avis sur LaMelo Ball en NBA

A real event for his first season in the league, Lamelo Paul is one of the youngsters to watch in the years to come. An NBA star was also curious about Charlotte Blair, not a little. He specifically mentioned the words of Michael Jordan to put an end to any discussion.

If he misses twenty games following a broken wrist, Lamelo Paul is not wasting time in winning the NBA. With an average of 16 points, 6 rebounds and 6 assists per game, the Hornets Point Guard won the Rookie title of the year without much debate, while revolutionizing his right-of-way attacking game. Suffice it to say that the third place in the last draft was more than justified!

His peers are not misunderstood as many recognize the young talent of the ball siblings. Guest of the show “Full Body” Bleacher Report, C.J. McCollum is the latest to be questioned about the boy. The back of the blazers did not reduce the wording, including the use of a devastating argument to back up his words:

The ceiling was very, very high. He has a lot of energy. In sports view he is ahead of his time. When Michael Jordan says he’s better than we thought, you know you’re doing what you have to do in court.

It is true that MJ, the owner of Charlotte, has been developing a particular interest in his rising star for a few months. Gornets’ G.M. Described the privileged relationship between the two.. This is something that rarely happens and will show that the ball is destined for the future of a banker in the league.

In the meantime, he could work to bring his rights to the postseason. The Hornets have climbed into the play-in-competition this season and now we need to take it to the next level. For that, it seems necessary to improve the team of James Boreko, especially with the arrival of great potential interiors. What should give Lamelo a good goal under the basket, you can see his figures explode as well.

After this trip C.J. McCollum is hard to contradict. I have to say that when Michael Jordan is included in the discussion, it will close quickly! Lamello would appreciate any compliments, especially from a famous opponent.

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