WhatsApp makes video calls easier

WhatsApp makes video calls easier

Popular news site WhatsApp is bringing a new feature to its customers. This feature allows customers to join regular video calls. No second user is required to add them.

WhatsApp has also recently introduced a new user interface for iOS beta customers. The new Join Call feature will reach customers with iOS beta version update 2.21.140 for iOS devices. WhatsApp will also release the group call in the new interface.

WABTinfo’s report says that the new user interface will soon be introduced for Android customers. The new feature allows users to easily join an ongoing video call. No one else’s cooperation is required.

The ‘Tap to Join’ feature is currently being done in the form of a conference in the presence of a limited number of members in WhatsApp group voice calls. In that case, customers will get the special benefit of joining this national group call through the ‘Top to Join’ feature. If a user fails to join the group call first, they can join the conference by tapping the ‘Add to Call’ button in the group chat.

WhatsApp’s interface for group voice calls for iOS devices will see more advanced designs and simplified options, WABTinfo added. This application can be as interesting as EIT or Apple’s FaceTime.

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