He photographs a live fish trapped in the body of a jellyfish

He photographs a live fish trapped in the body of a jellyfish

Australian photographer Tim Samuel was able to take a kind of photo! While diving from The Pass in Byron Bay on the North Coast of New South Wales, he came face to face with a fish caught in a jellyfish.

Credit: Tim Samuel

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Don’t you believe it? So take the time to pay close attention to the different scenes in this article and you will see that this is exactly what it is. The amazing pictures announced by Tim Samuel were already around the world and it is not difficult to understand why, this situation is unprecedented.

What is even more extraordinary is that, according to the diver, the trapped fish were able to control the movements of the jellyfish, much like the original version of a submarine.

The photos of the fish’s facial expressions show something surprising and even confusing. No doubt he wonders how he got into jellyfish.

Underwater photographer for over five years Australia, And Tim Samuel, a former surf instructor, says he has never seen anything like it in the water in all his years. Anyway, this is the first time such a shot has been made public, and it proves that nature has a lot more to surprise us with!

Credit: Tim Samuel

Credit: Tim Samuel

How did the fish end up in jellyfish?

Despite the worried face of the fish, Ian Tibetts, an associate professor at the University of Queensland, told Australian geography: “Actually, it’s hard to say whether he handles this situation badly or whether he’s happy there.”

Some species Pisces Look for shelter under the jellyfish stingers, so this little boy may have missed his identity a bit. Either way, the photos will win the prize for the weirdest thing you see today.

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Wonderful, isn’t it?

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