Against Australia, Anthony Zellonch wants to “really achieve something historic”

Against Australia, Anthony Zellonch wants to "really achieve something historic"

“As a holder, you are going to make the third game in ten days. How do you feel physically?
It never happened to me to play three games in ten days, but we got used to training hard all week. We feel better. We have been ready for this for a month now. With a team of 41 players, it was easy to train hard. Everyone is ready for a big fight. Fatigue in the last match like that, in a final that could win a tour, we don’t realize what I think. After that, it will be a month for us to vacation and recover. Obviously, we all have more energy and desire to give all of us to achieve this success and win this tour in Australia.

You said it would be awesome to win a game in Australia. What does the second victory signify?
This team is hungry for success. So in the second Test, everyone had heads in this Saturday’s game (Feeling) We can achieve something truly historic. Winning the tour did not happen for very long in the Southern Hemisphere. The team only wants to win this match. We will all be ready to give a big part this weekend, especially after what we saw on social networks: the support of the public, all the families who follow us, which really warmed our hearts. It makes us hungry to repeat this feat on Saturday.

This is the first time you have captained France on tour. Feels like you accepted the role very easily.
Yes. The coaches did not put any pressure on me and told me to stay as I was. It went well. I was really supported by players like “Tito” (Baptist Coolwood), «Carbo (Louis Carbonell), Jonathan Dandy, adults like “Tao” (Romain Taofifenua), Damien Bennett, Teddy Thomas … It’s so easy with players like that on the team. Arthur Vincent was very good at his role. Obviously it was very easy and I am very happy to be the captain on this tour. “

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