Will the FAA ask SpaceX to destroy its launch tower?

Starship SpaceX

The FAA is the U.S. organization that manages the air, and since SpaceX’s space exposure, it has released several livestock against Elon Muskin’s, which has taken on the bad habit of roasting to secure phases in the development of its program. Two months ago, a letter from the US consortium alerted SpaceX that the construction of the company’s launcher tower for starship rockets had not yet been approved by the consortium, especially for environmental issues. The heart of Boca Sica, where Elon Muskin started the company, is also under the auspices of the FAA, which is doing a great experiment on the latter.

“Company builds tower at its own risk”An FAA spokesman told CNBC on Wednesday that the Environmental Review had promised to ask for the removal of the SpaceX launch pad if it found any deficiencies. One decision that could have pleased Elon Musk, who paid thousands of euros for this new publishing site, is that he already has a very tense relationship with the US Federation.

The most expensive environmental study for SpaceX

The FAA has since conducted environmental reviews at several space launch sites across the United States. This most thorough study must include Precious Sesame: FAA Air Accreditation. But the latter was delivered to SpaceX in 2014, at the time, by very small Balkan rockets, and therefore far less pollution than Starship.

If SpaceX did a number of low-altitude tests last year, Boca Chica will now have to wait until the FAA review is completed, with the right to take the next step, with the most important tests. Rocket. A space recognition waiting for SpaceX, Elon Muskin has already announced in July through the voice of its chairman Quinn Shotwell that the company wants to fly the Starship rocket again in July, with the key to the first orbital aircraft of this new prototype. A table that would be unacceptable if we knew the FAA’s glorious recession for granting little recognition.

SpaceX does not want to wait

While the flight certainly won’t happen, SpaceX is putting pressure on the FAA to give all the post details. It should actually depart from Boca Chicago, Texas, a few ten minutes before landing off the Hawaiian coast. The prototypes of the rocket are now 160 feet (48 meters) high, the same size provided by Elon Musk in 2019, once fulfilling the crazy promises of the SpaceX creator.

We need to build starship with SpaceX to reach the moon and Mars on various missions, which, for a very long time, should make it possible to colonize our red neighbors. However, Elon Musk’s goal is to overcome the various dangers that stand in his way, the first FAA.

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