They addressed the Russian oligarchy: head to space!

They addressed the Russian oligarchy: head to space!

Dmitry Rokosin, head of the Russian space office, encourages his country’s wealthy businessmen to follow the example of British billionaire Richard Branson, jumping into space space as a space tourist – Revealed From the Moscow Times. Branson traveled in his own company, the Virgin Galactic, in which the company wants to organize space tabs for wealthy individuals.

The plane reached an altitude of only 86 kilometers on the edge of space with Branson, where its passengers could try to feel weightless for a few minutes. In the framework of VSS Unity, the 70-year-old Branson was ahead of the world One His rich man, Jeff Bezos, goes into space on July 20 aboard the Blue Origin spacecraft under construction at one of his companies.

I hope the day will come when our billionaire oligarchs will also spend their money on space travel instead of scattering boat tours and other money, said Rokosin, who thought they would rush with Russian technology to maximize the space agency’s revenue. Earth orbit. The image upgrade also applies to Russian space exploration, which has been rocked by corruption scandals in recent years.

Russia brought eight astronauts to the International Space Station at the start of the Millennium at a cost of $ 20 million each. Roscosmos wants to continue with two billion Japanese in early December. They want to get a director and an actor to help film a film in a Russian-American co-production.

Rogos also liked a little Froglisa Frances, who, unlike the internationally accepted Kerman line, reached the limit of space only by the American definition of space, which is about 100 kilometers high. At the same time, he appreciates the journey. The ISS orbits at a distance of 400 km from the Earth.

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