The mystery of Jupiter’s north and south lights was finally solved

The mystery of Jupiter's north and south lights was finally solved

NASA announces it: we understand Source of Jupiter’s X-ray Flares forming Auroras Boreal and southern in the gas giant.

Auroras know 9 planets of the solar system But it’s Jupiter’s most powerful and it is Only one of the four giant planets Emit X-rays.

The collected data was used by scientists By Juno, XMM-Newton mission of the ESA (European Space Agency) into orbit around Jupiter, and into Earth. They tried to understand this phenomenon, which has been observed for 40 years, but it was not understood: Jupiter’s X-ray Aurora.

The question is: how is the energy required for the production of these auroras generated?

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As NASA explains it in a press release, Astronomers were able to observe an event from a to z and finally understand: “X-rays are electrically charged atoms or ions that cause a ‘surf’ In the electromagnetic waves of the magnetic field From Jupiter to the gas giant atmosphere.“Aurora is triggered by the collision of ions in the atmosphere of Jupiter.

Northern lights and southern lights are related to the magnetic field whether they are on Earth or another planet in the solar system. Scientists think the properties of Jupiter’s aurora are gigantic The closed magnetic fields that form inside the planet extend millions of kilometers before returning to Jupiter.. The ions follow these lines of the magnetic field and crash into Jupiter’s atmosphere to complete their course and give off this magnificent aurora borealis.

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