Russian documents show Putin intervening to make Trump president of the United States

Vladimir Putin y Donald Trump

London.- President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, Authorized a covert operation to help Republicans Donald Trump As the British newspaper “The Guardian” reported this Thursday, to win the 2016 US election Kremlin.

Documents allegedly signed Putin, Approved at the closed door meeting of the National Security Council Russia, On January 22, 2016, in the presence of the Russian President, his intelligence leaders and senior representatives of the administration, the newspaper adds.

In this private session, they agreed that they would work to ensure the success of the three Russian spy agencies Trump In elections, a victory is appropriate Russia Because, in his opinion, it will cause “social unrest” ME And weakening the president’s negotiating position.

According to The Guardian, which has verified the authenticity of the documents with several independent experts, it is a “serious and very unusual” leak from the inside. Kremlin.

Spokesman for the British newspaper Vladimir Putin, Dmitry Peskov, denied the facts and promised to create a secret plan to support the idea of ​​a meeting between Russian leaders Trump This is a “big fiction”.

The report, classified as covert, described the then-Republican candidate as “an insane, mentally unstable and unbalanced individual suffering from inferiority complex.”

However, from a Russian perspective, the administration Putin The document considers him a “very promising candidate” and concludes that “it is imperative to use all possible force to facilitate his election to the presidency.” United States“.


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