Poland will buy US tanks against the acquisition of independent media

Poland will buy US tanks against the acquisition of independent media

Very convenient for art Agreement With the diplomacy of Joe Biden’s democratic policies, Poland is giving the United States a strange deal: Donald Trump

Against tanks The TV”, Daily headlines on anti-Polish Gazette Viborxa Comment on the announcement made by Poland on Wednesday 14 July July with a view to acquiring 250 Abrams tanks from the United States. The deal, worth a total of more than 5 billion euros, “The most expensive military order in Polish military history”, Adds the newspaper, but it must be verified by the U.S. Congress before it can be published.

Gazette Viborxa The decision comes a week after a bill was introduced that, if passed, would force the US media group to sell its majority stake in Discovery Polish television. The TV, “Priority to state-owned companies”. Liberal in orientation and criticism of the conservative national government, The TV Thus coming under the control of the long-desired power. “Reuse media”.

Theories or pragmatism

Gazette Viborxa ‘S business value of The TV There is “That could be less than the 5 billion euros the government wants to spend on U.S. tanks. […] Betting is important: [il s’agit d’] Buy the world’s greatest power ever claimed to be the guardian of liberal values”. The newspaper emphasized that no US delegation was present at the announcement of the deal. “The United States shows respect for its policies or pragmatism. Those who use Abrams tanks outside the United States are Egypt and Saudi Arabia. – Two countries where freedom of expression does not flourish”.


The “Election Gazette”, founded by Adam Mishnik in May 1989, is the largest daily newspaper in Poland, in circulation, apart from newspapers. Opening up to different sensibilities in economic issues, which promotes important choices in society


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