Kamala Harris started a fundraising John Haynes business consulting firm

Kamala Harris started a fundraising John Haynes business consulting firm

Former Vice President National Campaign Fundraiser Kamala Harris opens a strategic consulting firm that will guide businesses and senior executives in managing social justice and political issues.

John Haynes, a longtime corporate restructuring lawyer for the renowned law firm Kirkland & Ellis, plans to launch his new company based in New York on Labor Day, according to people briefed on Labor Day.

The company initially plans to hire at least 15 people, and said it could expand its business to Washington, DC, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

The consulting firm will have a multidisciplinary approach, including a strategic corporate advisory board that will provide traditional advice on hiring practices such as union affiliation. People said it would include a group focusing on environmental, social and corporate governance, as well as diversity, equity and workplace inclusion.

Those named in the story declined to be named because details of the new venture have not yet been finalized.

The Kirkland & Ellis press release announcing Henness’ departure said he was ready to set up a strategic consulting firm, but did not provide further details.

“In addition to the work I have done in Kirkland over the past few years, I have had the opportunity to immerse myself in the political and political world, opening my eyes to the critical need for CEOs to integrate business, finance and law. With social justice, diversity, content and politics,” Henness said. Said Release. “Leaving my colleagues in Kirkland is Bittersweet, many of whom are my family, but I’m glad to be starting this new chapter in my career.”

He did not provide CNBC’s requests for follow-up comment.

The launch of the company comes as businesses experience a pushback from consumers and employees on their positions on voting and other social justice and environmental issues.

Companies have been forced to respond after laws were passed in Georgia that were considered to be regulated by critics. Many did, including Major League Baseball, which moved its all-star game from Georgia to Colorado.

In the latest example of motivation, Toyota stopped making campaign contributions to Republican legislators who challenged the election results.

Competition for such consulting firms is fierce, but many, especially those led by high-level contacts, are often successful.

Founded alongside former Bill Clinton right-hand man Doug Band, Denio is historically known as an influential advisory board with links to big business.

The same can be said for Westtex consultants, who have seen more than 15 advisers enter Biden management. Reports Presented by The Intercept and The American Prospect. Anthony Blinken co-founded WestX and is now Secretary of State.

According to sources, one of the other expected executives of Heinz is Alvin Tillery. Tillery is an associate professor at Northwestern University and the director of the school’s Center for the Study of Diversity and Democracy.

Tiller has experience running his own consulting firm. He is the founder of Analytic Insights Consulting, which, according to the company’s website, “advises businesses, nonprofits and government agencies to create very diverse, fair and inclusive workplaces.” The company’s former listed clients include MGM International Resorts, Baker Demonstration School, Downtown Evanston and Exelixis.

One said that if Tillary and Henness came to a formal agreement, the Northwest Associate Professor would continue his work at the school and play a leading role in the new consulting business. Analytic Insights Consulting is part of a new company founded by a former partner of Kirkland & Ellis, this person noted.

Dillery did not provide a request for comment.

CNBC previously reported that Harris was head of national finance when he ran for president in the 2020 election and helped raise at least $ 400,000 before starting fundraising for Joe Biden.

Heinz spearheaded fundraising efforts last year for Democrat Jaime Harrison’s candidacy for the U.S. Senate seat in South Carolina, and for former Citigroup executive Ray McQuire’s campaign for mayor of New York in this year’s Democrat.

Although the Harris, Harrison and Meguerre races failed, his fundraising efforts were essential in building contacts and potential partners and clients for Haynes’ new businesses. Harris has been vice president and new chairman of the Democratic National Committee.

Henness developed strong organizational relationships while working for clients as a restructuring and corporate personality consultant. Kirkland’s website includes its past customers Ion Media, Avaya and J. Shows that Jill includes.

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