Harry Styles postpones his world tour again

Harry Styles postpones his world tour again

Harry Styles has rescheduled his US tour for next September, which means his fans around the world will have to wait before seeing him on stage. On Twitter, the singer apologized and assured his fans that he would be back soon.

Pop star Harry Styles has deceived fans outside the United States after accusing COVID-19 restrictions of withholding his world tour plans. The watermelon sugar artist was supposed to hit the road in 2020 for his Fine Line album, but has postponed his tour due to an epidemic.

In a new statement released on Wednesday (July 14, 21), Harry Styles revealed that his US tour is yet to begin, which means fans around the world will still have to wait to see him at the concert. With Love on Tour starting in the US in September, I can not be too excited about these concerts. As always, the well-being of my fans, band and team is my priority. Security instructions are available on the websites of various concert venues so that we can all be safe together. Keep in mind that some dates have changed and new shows have been added, ”he posted on social media.

Harry Styles, who now lives in the United States, continued: “Everyone in the UK and around the world is looking forward to seeing you again, but for obvious reasons this is not possible at the moment. I will be bringing more news about concerts and new music from around the world soon. I love all of you so much. I’m so excited, can not wait to see you. H ”.

The US tour, which was scheduled to begin in August, will now begin in Las Vegas on September 4, with singer Jenny Lewis making the opening act. Harry Styles has extended his position at Madison Square Garden in New York City to switch to five shows, including two “Harry Ween Special Shows” on October 30 and 31, where he will be accompanied by artist Orville Beck.

Holders of tickets to concerts outside of North America will be refunded.

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